Health and Fitness

Yorkies can live up to 15 years and are generally healthy dogs. Known health problems include dislocated kneecap (luxating patella), retention of the milk teeth, cataracts – although this is hereditary. If you notice a cloudy, milky-looking eye this could be an indication of a cataract, or it could simply be a sign of old age – best to check with your vet at the first sign. Yorkies, as with all miniature dogs, can also be susceptible to Tracheal Collapse, where the windpipe collapses causing difficulty in breathing and is a life threatening condition.

Yorkies can suffer from dental problems and you should ensure their teeth are checked regularly.

As with any dog it is not good to leave them for long periods of time on their own. Yorkies in particular, should not be left alone for too long. However, you shouldn’t mollycoddle them either, as they can start to think the whole world is a dangerous place and become slightly neurotic.

As your Yorkie becomes older, there shouldn’t be any need to treat them any differently. Small breeds do tend to live longer than most larger breeds, so expect your Yorkie to live to an average age of 12 years. Their exercise regime shouldn’t be need to be changed as they become elderly, only until they start to tell you they have had enough. Recognise the signs, is your dog starting to lag behind, do they have difficulty walking, are they out of breath? Keep an eye out for when your dog takes a little longer than usual to get to their feet, this usually a good indication of their aging and you can adjust the exercise accordingly.