Yorkshire Terrier dogs - Yorkshire Terrier grooming

Yorkies have a silky coat and their colouring is a steely blue grey from the base of its skull to the end of its tail, with a much lighter tan colour on its chest and the underside of its neck and on its head. Because of the length of the coat, regular grooming is essential, especially if your pet goes outside, their coat will be wavy. There are two levels of grooming for Yorkies – the show level and the pet level. Yorkies that are show dogs require a lot more time and attention on their coats, and will require oiling and ‘crackering’ . ‘ Crackering’ is the art of putting their long hair in folded pieces of paper secured with elastic bands to ensure the coat is straight when brushed out, there can be up to 26 crackers on a single dog! Patience is required for this from both the owner and the dog. For show dogs this has to be done on a daily basis to keep their coat in the pristine show condition that is necessary to impress the judges.

If you keep your Yorkie purely as a pet they will need a trim every four months or so, because Yorkies don’t moult. You should give your Yorkie a gentle brush every day – even with short hair, there is always the chance of tangles under the front legs, and behind their ears. Yorkies also have a very cute little top knot, some owners put a bow in this, others simply like to comb it to one side, the choice is yours. Ensure that the hair around their eyes is kept short to avoid it getting in their ears and causing irritation. If you decide to have your Yorkie’s coat trimmed short, remember they will need a coat when they go outside in the cooler weather, as they don’t have a downy undercoat. No downy undercoat also means you have to take care when grooming to ensure you don’t scratch and irritate their skin.

Essentials for grooming a Yorkshire Terrier:

  • Slicker Brush
  • Bristle Brush
  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • Bow

Follow the 6 simple points below for a silky, neat and gleaming coat:

  1. Use a slicker brush to gently remove tangles;
  2. Gently tease out any matts, be careful not to pull or break the hair. If badly matted, kinder to simply cut off;
  3. Use a bristle brush to give one more brush, there should be no resistance, and this will bring out the shine;
  4. Part the hair along the spine and comb each side straight down, trim any untidy ends with scissors;
  5. Trim around the ears and paws, check nails are not too long;
  6. Long hair above the eyes can either be trimmed, combed to one side or tied in a bow;