yorkshire-characterAlthough a small dog, Yorkies like nothing more than running around the countryside, they have a feisty and slightly independent nature which is why they were so good at hunting down rats in the mines, a trait of all Terrier breeds. As a breed, the Yorkie is fearless, intelligent and very curious and generally good natured, but are probably not the best breed for a first time owner – don’t be deceived by their size. They can be suspicious of strangers, people and other dogs, and will more than likely bark at them. If tormented by young children they will be tempted to bite – like all dogs will – so they are better in a household with older children who know how to respect and behave with the dog. Don’t be lured into a false sense of security, thinking that this cute little dog is all goodness and light – they are the majority of the time – but at the end of the day they are still dogs with teeth that rather like chasing squirrels.

Yorkies make good warning (rather than guard!) dogs in the home as they can be quite vocal and curious about everything and will investigate the slightest noise. It is a good idea to train them when young to keep the yappiness to a minimum, and they know what they should bark at and what they shouldn’t, even if it’s just to keep your neighbours happy. Yorkies are basically big dogs in a small body; always on the look-out for adventure which can get them into awkward situations.